Thanks for choosing the SQL Database Connector Pro
This document will provide the details needed to succesfully connect and query a remote Microsoft Sql Server (MSSQL), MySQL or Postgres Database within your Bubble application using the SQL Database Connector Pro.
This includes general concepts and tips on using an external database within the Bubble platform. We hope that you find this plugin of great use to your organization and a useful tool for Bubble application development.
This plugin was first made available September of 2022. It is a very new offering and as such you might encounter a few issues. If Bubble offered a plugin tag of "beta" we would tag it as such.
However, we believe that this plugin will be a big success and our support team is on standby to address any issues that may come up in using the plugin.
If you have any feedback, feature requests, questions or issues, the fastest way to reach us is to email us directly at: [email protected].
Last modified 11mo ago